NASA Hiring Astronauts for Mars Mission

NASA Hiring

Looking for a job with a decent salary and a work station with (literally) unbeatable views? For the first time in years, NASA will post openings for astronauts on the federal government’s hiring website on December 14th. The space agency anticipates hiring between eight and 14 astronauts at a …

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NASA’s New Horizons Mission Update

Pluto's Horizon, as seen from the New Horizons spacecraft.

In a previous article, I made several comparisons between NASA’s mission to Pluto and the U.S. healthcare system, with a special focus on data coordination. Here is a brief update on the continued success of New Horizons’s mission to document uncharted territory, as shared this week at the 47th annual Meeting of …

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Social Media as a Tool to Improve Health


The health information technology (HIT) field has grown tremendously in recent years, driven primarily by the HITECH Act which provides federal funding to hospitals to adopt and meaningfully use electronic health records (EHR). Ideally, EHRs should be used in part to empower patients with information that helps them make the …

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